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AGNZ International (AGNZI) is the OVERSEAS MISSION ARM of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand.  It operates under appointment of the Executive Presbytery as empowered by the Constitution & By-Laws of the A/G-NZ.

We exist to equip and engage our movement into world missions:  we are not just local churches with a missions program but a global church with a missions purpose.  We believe that every church is a global church and has the capacity to impact the nations.

Because AGNZ is a co-operative, interdependent fellowship of autonomous churches AGNZI reflects this ethos.  

  • We are a MISSIONAL TEAM based missions movement: AGNZI endeavours to facilitate and strengthen effective PARTNERSHIPS between Local churches, Missionaries and Mission agencies
  • We are Kingdom Minded: We encourage local churches to pursue their missions vision through all means possible including cooperating with credible national churches and missions agencies beyond Assemblies of God fellowships.
  • We are Committed to Partnership: We are committed to cooperation and understanding with other missions organisations and Assemblies of God fellowships in each mission initiative where we are involved.

The purpose of AGNZI is to serve the local church in fulfilling the Christian mandate to make disciples of all the world's peoples.  This involves:

  • The inspiring of senior ministers to raise up “Great Commission” churches in New Zealand that will challenge their congregations with a world-view that empowers them to send forth workers and finance that is generous and proportionate to the churches’ size.
  • The education and training of national pastors, evangelists and workers to proclaim the gospel to their own and other people groups.
  • The encouraging of believers within our churches who have an international call to seek service through the most appropriate avenue.
  • The recommending to A/G churches in New Zealand of suitable missionaries or projects for their prayerful and financial support.
  • Assisting in the care of missionaries and their families, providing administration, communication and promotion of their work and needs.
  • The provision of humanitarian support in such a way that the spiritual mandate to evangelise, plant churches, and train national leaders is not compromised.

Our National Team

Angela Shehata: Media - omnewsletter@agnz.org.nz

Russell Williams: National Facilitator - russell.r.williams16@gmail.com

Our International Team

Who Global Location Key Focus Web/social link
Robin & Margaret Aim Kenya Kenyan people www.afrilift.com/
Colin & Jenny Ayling New Zealand Maziotela Ministries / World Outreach www.world-outreach.com/web/
Malcolm & Linda Bayliss New Zealand World Outreach -
Heather B France French people -
Max & Dorothy Chismon Philippines Filipino people www.simplymobilizing.com
Kay Fountain Mongolia Mongolian people -
Karen Gower Israel Israeli people yourpeoplemypeople.org
Robert & Margaret Hunt Philippines Bible translation https://Freely-Given.org
Paul Turkiye Muslim people -
Avi & Robyn Middle East Middle Eastern refugees -
M & D Far West Silk Road Muslim people https://222leaves.studio
Allen & Elizabeth O’Loughlin Europe Muslim people -
Sam & Carol Soukotta Indonesia Mt. Hope Foundation www.Soukotta.com
David & Ruth T South East Asia Church planting -
Hilary & Jacky Tumusiime Uganda Ugandan people -


Thanks for visiting the AGNZ website. We hope you found what you were looking for. We would love to meet you, so if you’re up for it why not come to your local AGNZ church and visit us! We pray that God will continue to show His love to you in a real and personal way. God bless!

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