The National Office of the General Council exists to serve the Executive and the Movement as a whole. Our goal is to serve with excellence.

The National Office serves as an administrative, communications, and resourcing hub for the Movement by providing:

  • A point of contact for questions in relation to the Assemblies of God in NZ as a whole.
  • An up-to-date registry of all credential holders and member Churches.
  • Support for credentialing of new pastors and member Churches.
  • Financial management of Movement resources, including preparing annual accounts for audit.
  • An annual National Conference and General Council in partnership with a regional team.
  • Liaison with other Christian Denominations and Movements to support and ensure best practices across Church administrative practices.
  • Information for the Executive to support strategic initiatives and decision-making to support collaboration within and across AG Regional and Ethnic networks, and Ministry Departments.
  • An initial point of contact for legal, HR, and health and safety issues for members of our Movement.

A/G NZ Constitution & By-laws 2022

Code of Conduct

Key personal:

Pastor Darren Gammie – Darren works as the National Secretary and leads and coordinates the work of the office.

Pastor Ani Tangimaiti – Ani manages a range of events across the Movement and the management of the office space.

Pastor Sarah Coupe – Sarah manages finances within the office, and a range of creative endeavours.

Pastor Angela Gibson – Angela is responsible for credentialing and member church processes.

Pastor Darryn Gadd – Darryn is an exceptional project manager who is leading the development of the website. Darryn works off site.

Team - National Office 2023


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