Our Mission as A/G NZ for Children Ministry is to raise up children that are history makers.
Our vision is:
  1. We will lead children into a growing relationship with Christ by creating environments in which they will know God is; how He is like and how He wants them to live.
  2. It includes fun and age appropriate and engaging activities that will help the children understand His word.
  3. We are dedicated to seeing the children grow upward in worship, serve God and people, help them with their needs.

From birth, children are exposed to teaching that reinforces our vision statement. They are:

  • given opportunity to experience God’s love and forgiveness.
  • taught how to make good friends.
  • taught about spiritual gifts and how they can use theirs.
  • instructed in how to relate Christ to their friends in everyday situations.

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Ps Sunitha Kandregula

National Children's Ministry Coordinator



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